The Computer-generated Personality (aka Computer Generated Personality) is a female AI construct used by the Temporal Security Agency in The Journeyman Project Turbo! (and original version). She is played by Kristi Pado.

This is the personality generated by the main computer at the Temporal Security Annex.

Once an agent has returned to the Temporal Security Annex with the accurate historical log disc and has inserted it into the empty historical log drive, the computer will compare it to the Journeyman log disc which was left in the present and subsequently altered. By cross referencing the date of the rip to the discrepancies found between the two logs, the computer will be able to isolate the changed event. A computer-generated persona will then read the correct and altered versions of this event to the agent.

In the original timeline her hair is loose, and she wears white. Her personality leans more towards pleasant and optimistic. In the altered timeline the the computer-generate persona appears more militaristic black clothing, and hair tied back, and has a more aggressive and pessimistic personality.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the remake this is replaced with a mix of a new Artificial Intelligence Biochip personality, and Jack Baldwin who contacts Gage from TSA Headquarters.

In Pegasus Prime the the Artificial Intelligence (AI) character maintains the same appearance and personality in both original and alternate timelines. However, there is a slight color difference (as the AI appears pink in the historical overviews rather than blue).

Baldwin, however like the CGP has two different appearances and personalities depending on the timelime, in the altered he becomes more militaristic, dressed in black uniform.