The Dorlün are an alien species from Hüur, second planet of Orpheus system


They are slow-moving and docile, and super-intelligent. They reach physical and mental maturity at 50 Earth years and their life span is about 200-250.

Their brains are complex with many lobes, each capable of carrying on a completely different line of thought or different personality. According to latest analyses, their brains can think of about 34 things at the same time. Some of the lobes may contemplate. A Dorlün individual is never truly alone as it can entertain itself.

They communicate with telepathic communication, which can be overwhelming and painful for other species (should they involve more than a few lobes in a conversation).

They breath hydrogen/carbon dioxide. They feed on the microbe-rich, glutinous solution that covers 76% of the surface of Hüur, but also fish and fowl. They need little shelter or sunlight.


They sense with elecroradiatory echoing. They "see" with a complex series of electron radiatory organs located about the body, with which they sense molecular densities around them. They "hear" by interpreting complex particle movements.


They spend most of their time contemplating, theorizing and intellectualizing with themselves. Some species accomplish various tasks simultaneously. Some consider this frivolous and devote their lobes to the same matter. They accomplish little else in the physical world, without needing any more written or spoken language. Their technology is primitive.

They are practicing the art of singular, linear thought for communicating with other species, and diplomatic discourse.


It is believed that they may have evolved on Hüur from groups of intelligent organisms somehow bonding together to form one.

The Symbiotry discovered them in 1389 when they hadn't achieved interstellar travel. They were proved to be invaluable problem-solvers and philosophers. Their wisdom and thought are universally respected but their true motivations and desires remain a mystery.

The Dorlün, along with the Zâng-traqar, believed that human time travel technology is far too important to be buried because of paranoia. Grandon Farlink, the Dorlün emissary, stated that this technology helps each race know the truths of its history, sparing them from painstaking research and endless conjecture.