Facing the entrance to the Annex

Annex schematic

Schematic of the southern part of the Annex.

Temporal Security Annex was a classified establishment of the Temporal Security Agency. It was located somewhere in North America 942 meters below ground.

It was actually a small space accessed only through a Global Transporter, which led to a high security door. Agents of the Temporal Protectorate who entered the door, were led to a room with doors to the Command Center, the Ready Room and an elevator to Pegasus. The dominant feature of the room were windows that looked out into a huge room with the huge device.

Control CenterEdit

The C.C. room contains a control station along one wall with three monitors, two CD-ROM drives, and a chair. The console was used in review sessions and comparison with the Historical Log

Ready RoomEdit

The Ready Room opens only in time of danger. It contains the Biosupport Suit Generator and a display with assigned Biochip - Mapping and Biochip - Pegasus below a cabinet with the Journeyman Key