Dr. William Daughton is the TSA chief computer technician. He was the main designer of the JumpSuit.

When Agent 5 was accused for crimes he did not commit, he asked Daughton to fetch his JumpSuit and find if he can put an interface that can gather evidence. Daughton sent him a message on his answering machine that he stole his Suit from where it was held, and installed an Optical Memory Bio-Chip for him to gather evidence. Although he had conservations, he knew he would not be fired as he was the chief technician. With the JumpSuit Gage was able to travel back in time to Caldoria Heights Apartments and give it to his younger self.

During Gage Blackwood's trial, Prosecuting Attorney Phil Stevens called Daughton to testify based on his knowledge of the Chronolog Scanner Array. He testified that the Chronolog Scanners were designed to detect any illicit time jumps, and are monitored at all times by a member of the Temporal Protectorate. To his knowledge, at no point during the period in question were the scanners ever off-line or performing improperly, and at no point was an unsanctioned time-jump detected - a fact corroborated by the security logs.

Thomson and daughton

He appeared on air and talked to Mark Johnson of INN. He explained that his testimony did not mean that nobody tampered Blackwood's jumps, but only that the scanners did not register so. He speculated (correctly) that if some saboteur (who was none other than Agent 3) followed Blackwood closely in a matter of seconds, he would not be registered. However he admitted that this would be too dangerous to check.

After Blackwood's release and Agent 3's disappearance, the controversy threatened the existence of the TSA and Daughton was ordered to remove the power cores of the Suits as Jack Baldwin had to deliver them to the Ministry. As he was absent, Daughton was left alone with Blackwood as he tried to recollect his memories of his past self of 10 years ago. In the meantime, Will notified him of Elliot Sinclair's death.

Suddenly a time ripple was detected, apparently caused by "lost" Agent 3. Having no other means, Blackwood persuaded him that it was his job to preserve history. Daughton revealed to him the new Chameleon JumpSuit and sent him to find Agent 3.


In Buried in Time, Daughton appears twice: as a message in the answering machine, and as guest at the INN news. He is played by animator Victor Navone.