The Zâng-traqar are an alien race from Praxis, 4rth planet of Vergaos system.


The Zâng-traqar appear like hyperactive insects. They are prolific and reproduce spontaneously by fragmentation. Wars result in increasing their population. They endure in extreme teperatures, they live in helium, but oxygen-based atmospheres enables the, to inflame.

Their visual and auditory sences are similar to humans, but in higher bandwidths. Human speech sounds like indiscriminate screeches and clicks and Zâng-traqar can not articulate human languages, or vice versa.

They are vegetarian and eat mostly roots and small shrubs.


The Zâng-traqar are pragmatists and aim for profit. This is the reason of their membership of the Symbiotry.

They are hyperactive, always chattering and (apparently) scheming. They share (always exchanging) only what they don't need.

They have advanced technology, including pioneering the thought-field articulation mechanics and pursued time travel technologies, but mostly with disastrous results. They perfected highly durable environmental shuits and chambers for survival in hostile atmospheres, serving exploration and diplomacy.


Recent wars resulted in increasing their population.

They joined the Symbiotry seeking profit. This is often a subject of dispute among the other members (although they never did anything that would expel them from the consortium).

They pursued time travel technology but failed. They, along with the Dorlün, requested to share the technology from humans and did not opt to dismantle it as a dangerous tool. They argued that it represents a danger only if the user doesn't have the insight to take the proper precautions. And if care is taken, there should be no reason whatsoever, to fear what should be the greatest advance the Symbiotry had ever known.